2013 Canadian Population Society Award

The Canadian Population Society will held its 2013 annual meeting on June 5 - June 7, 2013 in Victoria, BC.   Two recipients of the CPS award were announced. This award honors a Canadian scholar who has shown outstanding commitment to the profession of demography and whose cumulative work has contributed in important ways to the advancement of the discipline in Canada, through publications, teaching and/or service.

Thomas K. Burch (Princeton, 1962)

Dr. Burch's research focus has been on the general area of household and family demography, including marriage, cohabitation, divorce, kinship, and fertility. His most recent works deals with the relations between theory and computer modelling [simulation], and the search for alternatives to logical empiricism as a guiding methodology for empirical [including quantitative] research. This methodological work has led to a re-interpretation of demography as a large body of substantive models of human population dynamics (see full citation).

Céline Le Bourdais (Brown University, 1984)

Dr Le Bourdais' research focuses on the effect of recent socio-demographic changes - in marriage, fertility and the labour market - on family dynamics and the family life course of women, men and children and their implications for family policy. Her publications cover a wide range of related issues: the relationship between the type of conjugal union and its stability; parental time and the sharing of household tasks; the rise in the number of lone-parent and step-families as a result of union instability; the impact of parents’ conjugal behaviour on the life histories of their children, and on the relationship fathers maintain with their children after separation (see full citation).