Personal recollections of Nathan Keyfitz

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In this blog entry, Barry Edmonston reflects on his personal encounters with Nathan Keyfitz at the University of Michagan several decades back.  Barry has also obtained the personal memoirs of Nathan Keyfitz which we have now posted on the CPS website.

See his blog entry here which also provides a link to Keyfitz's "Notes of a Wayfarer: Memoirs"

Several other CPS members have recently included entries, including Lisa Kaida (who discusses the establishment of a Research Data Center in Newfoundland), Feng Hou (who considers various methodological issues relating to demographic research) and Roderic Beaujot (who writes on issues relating to immigration and issues of economic integration).  There are also links to Statistics Canada's blog page as well as a link to a recent essay written by former Chief Statistician of Canada, Munir A. Sheikh on the need for maintaining Statistics Canada's scientific autonomy

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