Research Update from Statistics Canada


Update from Statistics Canada September 2013

National Household Survey (NHS)

Since the previous edition of CPS News, Statistics Canada has released data from the National Household Survey (NHS). These releases include a broad range of analytical products, data products, and reference products. The May 8 release covered (i) Aboriginal Peoples and (ii) Immigration, and Ethnocultural Diversity. The June 26 release covered (i) Mobility and Migration and (ii) Education and Labour. All NHS products and services can be accessed online. The final NHS release is scheduled for September 11, 2013 and will cover income, earnings, housing and shelter costs.

Microdata files released to Statistics Canada Research Data Centres, April 2013 to mid-July 2013

- Canadian Health Measures Survey, Cycle 2, Wave 3

- 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey

- Survey on Living with Neurological Chronic Conditions/Canadian Community Health Survey linked file

Files added to the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) Collection, April 2013 to mid-July 2013

- No new files were added to the DLI collection between April and mid-July 2013

Tentative release dates of forthcoming DLI products:

- Canadian Community Health Survey 2011-2012, Public Use Microdata File Expected date of release: Fall of 2013

- National Household Survey 2011 – Individual Public Use Microdata File Expected date of release: Late Fall 2014

- National Household Survey 2011 – Hierarchical Public Use Microdata File Expected date of release: Spring 2015

A selection of other products recently released by Statistics Canada

Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada, 2008 to 2012. (Catalogue #91-209-X).

"The Evolution of English-French Bilingualism in Canada from 1961 to 2011." May 2013 edition of Insights on Canadian Society (Catalogue # 75-006-X).

Statistics Canada Data Sources on Official-Language Minorities. (Catalogue #91-549-X).

"Cause-Specific Mortality by Income Adequacy in Canada: A 16-year Follow-Up Study." July 2013 online issue of Health Reports, Vol. 24, no. 7. (Catalogue #82-003-X).

Health region level unemployment rates, population estimates, and dependency ratios, 2012. (CANSIM: tables 109-5324 to 109-5326).

Health fact sheets: Quick facts by Census Metropolitan Area, 2011-2012 (Catalogue #82-625-X).

"Unemployment Dynamics among Canada's Youth, 1977 to 2012." June 2013 edition of Economic Insights (Cat. #11-626-X).

"Changing Labour Market Conditions for Young Canadians." July 2013 edition of Insights on Canadian Society (75-006-X).

Updated articles for the Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada are now available. Trends in population growth and the evolution of the various components of Canada’s population growth — fertility, mortality and migration (interprovincial and international) — as well as marital status, are examined. The Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada has been published since 1985.

Among the features:

o Provides a valuable resource for policy analysts, researchers, academics, teachers, students and any individual interested in Canadian demographics.

o Easy to remember website: (English) and (French).

o Availability of each article in HTML and PDF format.

o Demographic indicators provide an overview of the most recent statistics on population.

o Glossary of demographic terms.

o Links to population projections, estimates, and other demographic products:

o Population projections by Aboriginal identity

o Projections of the diversity of the population

o Projected trends for the labour force

o Canadian Demographics at a Glance

o Life tables

o Demographic documents (analytical and methodological)

o 2011 Census analytical products and 2011 National Household Survey analytical products


Grant Schellenberg

and Anne Milan, Statistics Canada