The Canadian Population Society is a scientific association that seeks to improve knowledge and understanding about the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of human population. It seeks to promote the study and development of the science of demography in both its empirical and theoretical aspects.

Statement on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Canadian Population Society (CPS) is committed to the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We envision and will cultivate a community that recognizes equity and diversity as fundamental to achieving inclusive excellence. The CPS welcomes the participation of people of all backgrounds and encourages the nomination (including self-nomination) to committees, leadership roles and consideration for awards for those who identify as Indigenous peoples, racialized persons, persons with disabilities, women, LGBTQ2+ people, as well as all others who contribute to the diversity of the Society.

CPS Council

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Lisa Strohschein


(University of Alberta)

Amélie Quesnel-Vallée

Vice-President & Program Chair

(McGill University)

Stacey Hallman


(Statistics Canada)

Michael Han

Michael Haan

Past President


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Christoph Schimmele

Newsletter Editor

(University of Victoria)

Don Kerr


(King's College at Western University)


Eugena Kwon

(St. Mary's University)

Xavier St. Denis

(Institute national de la recherche scientific)

Ana Fostik

(Statistics Canada)

James Iveniuk

National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

France-Pascale Ménard

(Statistics Canada)

Patrick Denice

(Western University)

Kaitlin Conway

Student Representative



Description of the CPS Committee Mandates   

  • National Committee
    • France-Pascale Ménard (chair, Statistics Canada); James Iveniuk, (NORC)  
  • International Committee
    • Xavier St. Denis (chair, INRS); Ana Fostik (Statistics Canada); Patrick Denice (Western)
  • EDI Committee
    •  Eugena Kwon (St. Mary's University); Adjei Jones (Red Deer); Nina Acharya (Athabasca University)   
  • Program Committee
    • Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (McGill)
  • Student Paper Competition
    • France-Pascale Ménard (chair, Statistics Canada); Ana Fostik (Statistics Canada); Eugena Kwon (St. Mary's University) 
  • Awards Committee
    • Shelley Clark (chair, McGill); James Iveniuk (NORC), Patrick Denise (Western), Yue Qian (UBC) 


Past Presidents of the CPS (1974-2022)

Past Presidents CPS


Code of Conduct

To ensure inclusion and a respectful environment, the CPS follows the Congress code of conduct (

Directory of Members (Federation of Canadian Demographers)

This Federation of Canadian Demographers includes the membership of both: the Canadian Population Society and the Association des démographes du Québec.

The lists for each association are presented in alphabetical order, by last name. Warning: It is strictly prohibited to use this directory to create mailing or email list files. Enquiries concerning use of the address files of the Canadian Population Society or of the Association des démographes du Québec should be sent to the Treasurer or the President of those associations.



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