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PRELIMINARY 2022 CPS Conference Program


Call for Late Breaker Poster Submissions

As we are aware than many of you have experienced delays related to the pandemic in the conduct of your research (notably due to RDC labs closures), which may have prevented you from submitting an abstract earlier in the year, we are inviting late-breaker abstracts for our poster session!

Please send your abstracts by April 22 to cps.cfa2022@gmail.com. Note that, if accepted, your poster will need to be submitted by May 3 to ensure enough time to program into Gather.town.


The Annual Meetings registration is now live. All participants are invited to register here before April 15. 

Conference Schedule

Meeting dates and times (by time zone) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 

1:30PM-8:00PM (NDT)

12:30PM-7:00PM (ADT) 

11:30AM-6:00PM (EDT) 

10:30AM-5:00PM (CDT) 

9:30AM-4:00PM (MDT) 

8:30AM-3:00PM (PDT)  

Wednesday, May 11, 2022  

1:30PM-7:30PM (NDT)

12:30PM-6:30PM (ADT) 

11:30AM-5:30PM (EDT) 

10:30AM-4:30PM (CDT) 

9:30AM-3:30PM (MDT) 

8:30AM-2:30PM (PDT)  

Thursday, May 12, 2022 

1:30PM-7:30PM (NDT)

12:30PM-6:30PM (ADT) 

11:30AM-5:30PM (EDT) 

10:30AM-4:30PM (CDT) 

9:30AM-3:30PM (MDT) 

8:30AM-2:30PM (PDT)  

Featured SessionsThis year we will feature two special census data sessions. You do not want to miss them!

  • On Tuesday, May 10, 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm, come hear the latest results out of Statistics Canada’s 2021 census.
  • On Wednesday, May 11, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, a session jointly held with CAnD3 will feature panelists from the Canadian and U.S. censuses.

Paper SessionsThis year’s annual meeting will consist of nine paper sessions, each of which will provide you insight into the cutting-edge research in population science. The 75 minutes session panels will be comprised of a chairperson and up to five paper presentations. Each presentation will last approximately 10-12 minutes. Comprehensive instructions regarding the session process will be shared with chairs and presenters by April 15.

Poster Session & SocialFollowing last year’s successful pilot, we will hold once again this year’s poster session and social on https://gather.town/. Gather.town is an innovative video calling software which allows participants to wander through a virtual room and poster session and interact with poster presenters. We will ensure that all presenters are fully supported in their participation on that platform with comprehensive instructions and practice sessions. 

Graduate Student WorkshopThe students have elected to hold a career development seminar. We are in the process of organizing this session and reaching out to panelists with diverse career experiences.

General Assembly: This will be held on Thursday, May 12 from 1:00 pm -2:15 pm (EDT). This event will feature our annual award presentation and voting on motions. Please plan on attending this important meeting to help us reach quorum. A package will be sent to members at least a week in advance of General Assembly.





Deadline for Submission: February 1, 2022



Abstract submission deadline: Authors are asked to submit an abstract via email to: CPS.CFA2022@gmail.com by February 1, 2022. Abstracts must be sufficiently detailed to allow to judge the merits of the paper and the submission must include the session theme of interest.


1. Mortality

2. Morbidity and health

3. Family

4. Immigration and migration

5. Social diversity

6. Labour market and education

7. Fertility

8. Indigenous research

9. Sex, gender, and sexuality

10. COVID-19

11. Other topics

CPS welcomes submissions from anyone, anywhere, doing research in population studies and demography, in accordance with the CPS Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI): “The Canadian Population Society (CPS) is committed to the values of EDI. We envision and will cultivate a community that recognizes equity and diversity as fundamental to achieving inclusive excellence. The CPS welcomes the participation of people of all backgrounds and encourages the nomination (including self-nomination) to committees, leadership roles and consideration for awards for those who identify as Indigenous peoples, racialized persons, persons with disabilities, women, LGBTQ2+ people, as well as all others who contribute to the diversity of the Society.” The EDI committee will liaise with the Program Committee Chair to help ensure EDI principles are maintained throughout the annual meeting program.

Required information: The author making the submission should provide: 1) the full names, 2) affiliations, and 3) e-mail addresses of all co-authors for each submission. The author who makes the submission will be treated as the corresponding author unless otherwise noted.

Students’ participation: The CPS highly encourages students in any area of population studies and all levels of study to participate. If you are a student and submitting an abstract for a session, please indicate your degree program (e.g. undergraduate major in Economics; Master’s student in Sociology, etc.) along with your affiliation. Such information will help facilitate student participation and identify those eligible for the student paper competition. The CPS is also organizing various events for students’ career development. We will be sending out more information about this in the coming months.

The Student Paper Competition:  Students’ abstracts that are accepted for presentation in the CPS conference, either in a session or as a poster, are eligible for the Student Paper Competition. Students will be notified about the eligibility to submit a paper to the Student Paper Competition. The committee is chaired by France-Pascale Ménard francepascale.menard@statcan.gc.ca.  The deadline to submit a paper to the Student Competition Committee is April 15, 2022. For more information, please visit the CPS Student Competition website at: http://www.canpopsoc.ca/students/past-winners/

Announcement of results: we will notify corresponding authors about acceptance of papers beginning on March 1, 2022. Session chairs will also be announced in March 2022.

Poster session: We endeavour to create sessions that are thematically cohesive to encourage exchange and engagement between presenters as well as with the audience. We often receive excellent research that does not fit within a given session, and, in these cases, we invite the presenters to join a poster session, which is held in the context of our social event. We will also have a call for late breaker abstracts in April to join this poster session.

Membership and registration requirement: All participants must be current members of the Canadian Population Society to participate in the CPS meeting. Please make note that at least one author of an accepted paper must register for the conference by April 15, 2022. Papers for which no author has registered by this deadline will be dropped from the final program. If you require an exemption from this policy, please email the Organizing Committee Chair, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (amelie.quesnelvallee@mcgill.ca) by April 3rd.

Submission of the final paper: Completed papers should be sent to session chairs by May 3, 2022.